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  • Harvey Nash
  • Few&Far.
  • Salesforce
  • revoco
People want to know WHO you are and WHY you’re the recruiter of choice.
So, we built a branding platform for recruiters to show more...
  • Of who they are
  • Of why you should partner
  • Of who their candidates are
  • Of what the company is
Do more to stand out and amplify your recruiter’s brands, jobs, and presence on LinkedIn.
A fully customisable space to package podcasts, bios, candidates, adverts, social proof and testimonials.
  • Recruiter
  • Employer
The Scoop has created a one-stop place to showcase our people as the individuals they are. With so many different opportunities to share content, The Scoop has designed a platform that allows customers to know who they are going to be working or collaborating with all in one place. Makes so much sense!
Robin Beattie - Managing Director - Spinks (Harvey Nash Group)
The Scoop is cutting edge and ground-breaking in its space, The Scoop allows recruiters to engage in a way that simply was not possible before. The platform has become central in my activities and I couldn't recommended it enough. To anyone sitting on the fence/thinking about it, just do it, you won’t regret it.
Dom Birchall – Checked Recruitment
We are huge fans and advocates of the Scoop! It’s such a clever idea, which allows us to present our opportunities and candidates in a completely different way. We really place a lot of emphasis on consultant personal brand and the Scoop allows us to manage and promote content from a single place - which is awesome!
Will Grashoff – OxSeven Talent Partners
I first heard about The Scoop within a Recruitment group I am in, where everyone was shouting about how great it was, I was sceptical to have another monthly outgoing... however... once I had viewed The Scoop and what it could do.. there was no choice but to sign up! I love using The Scoop and believes it helps separate recruiters; as a BD tool or for candidate attraction..
Jess Reid – ASJ Recruit
After 16 years of working for a large agency, I set up my own recruitment business and faced the challenge of having to build a personal brand. The Scoop updated the ways in which I present content and helped me to stand out. The Scoop is a gamechanger and I would recommend a demo to all recruiters looking to display their jobs, candidates and content in an engaging way.
Liz Neidhardt – Cressida Consulting
Build a consistent presence in your market
  • Show more of what clients, candidates, and recruiters need to make their decisions easier
  • Animate your posts on Linkedin with GIFs. An easier way to get your talent seen
  • Present candidates to companies, and companies to candidates in a better way
  • Show your value and your jobs in a more engaging way
  • Maintain control & visibility over how your recruiters are marketing
  • The best extension of a client, candidate, company, or agency.
  • Wrap marketing, personal branding, and recruitment together in the simplest way
  • Add transparency to the process and preserve anonymity of the people
  • A faster and more detailed representation for recruiters to attach to outreach
  • Technology that auto-populates your sales collateral & job ads with a single click

Recruiter Profiles

£ 40*
Per Month / Per Profile
* Capped at £1000 p/m

Employer Profiles

£ Free
Share your Internal Opportunities
for Recruiters on our site.
  • Are the showcase pages for recruiters or agencies?
    Our showcase pages are built for recruiters, but employers are also able to have a parent page that showcases the company for free on our Careers Site.
  • What happens if my recruiters leave?
    Agencies own the recruiter showcase pages and have full visibility and control over their use. Investing in personal branding improves retention, ramp time, and reaps the benefits of social selling.
  • How much time will it take to build a page, and will my recruiters commit to that?
    The Scoop’s technology auto-populates sales collateral with a few clicks and integrates seamlessly with social profiles, job boards, and LinkedIn to pull everything to where it needs to be. Agencies can also replicate showcaser pages as templates for multiple recruiters and assign agency collateral to multiple-pages at a time.
  • Can this be done for in-house recruitment?
    Yes, we’ve partnered with companies like Salesforce to build dedicated pages for in-house teams and their companies.
  • How is this different from LinkedIn?
    The Scoop is not a substitute for LinkedIn, but a way to capture and amplify your efforts on the platform and elsewhere. It improves and customizes the way you market yourself.
  • Is this a rec2rec?
    It’s categorically not. The Scoop is for agencies to elevate their recruiters in a busy marketplace and help them build a consistent presence with their audience.
  • Does my website do this?
    Does your website personally market every individual recruiter, their brand, and why their audience should engage with them?
  • Will people steal my candidates?
    The Scoop intends on bringing greater transparency to recruitment and the process, but understands that anonymity is important and encrypts all links to candidate profiles in a secure way. Only share the link with those you want to see your candidates.
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