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£149 per month

Individual Recruiter
  • 1 License
  • Unlimited vacancies
  • Google connected
  • Multi-poster integration
  • Unlimited candidate profiles
  • Lead Forensics Analytics
  • Video integration
  • Recruiter job alerts
  • Individual training

Scoop social (social scheduling) £10 per license


£249 per month

Up to 5 Recruiters
  • Up to 5 Licenses
  • Unlimited vacancies
  • Google connected
  • Multi-poster integration
  • Unlimited candidate profiles
  • Lead Forensics Analytics
  • Video integration
  • Recruiter job alerts
  • Custom logos & subdomain
  • Group training

Scoop social (social scheduling) £8 per license


£499 per month

15+ Recruiters
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Unlimited vacancies
  • Google connected
  • Multi-poster integration
  • Unlimited candidate profiles
  • Lead Forensics Analytics
  • Video integration
  • Recruiter job alerts
  • Custom logos & subdomain
  • Internal careers page
  • Group training
  • Priority support

Scoop social (social scheduling) £7 per license

Additional services

Optional add-ons to your package.

  • External branded careers page
  • Video production services
  • Branded media pack

What our customers say

“We partnered with The Scoop to digitalize our personal branding in order to better present our job opportunities to our niche markets. We cannot claim to be a leading provider of Tech talent without using the latest in cutting-edge technology. The Scoop has been game-changing, allowing us to bring to life our projects and has been a very welcome addition to our tech stack this year! Our candidates feedback has been superb, and with all the little extras we really are offering a truly 5 star candidate experience. We look forward to a long successful partnership as we continue to grow alongside The Scoop!”

Elliot Rivett - Koda Staff

“The scoop platform has enabled us to provide tailored career pages for our clients which have been a great USP for Core3. In a war for talent, the platform has been a game changer to help our clients build their EVP and stand out from the crowd. Candidates love how it paints a full picture of the opportunities for them, and clients love the combination of branded content, videos, and company insights we can bring to life”

Leo Hewitt - Core3

“The Scoop is cutting edge and ground-breaking in its space, The Scoop allows recruiters to engage in a way that simply was not possible before. The platform has become central in my activities and I couldn't recommended it enough. To anyone sitting on the fence/thinking about it, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Dom Birchall – Checked Recruitment

“We are huge fans and advocates of the Scoop! It’s such a clever idea, which allows us to present our opportunities and candidates in a completely different way. We really place a lot of emphasis on consultant personal brand and the Scoop allows us to manage and promote content from a single place - which is awesome!”

Will Grashoff – OxSeven Talent Partners

“After 16 years of working for a large agency, I set up my own recruitment business and faced the challenge of having to build a personal brand. The Scoop updated the ways in which I present content and helped me to stand out. The Scoop is a gamechanger and I would recommend a demo to all recruiters looking to display their jobs, candidates and content in an engaging way.”

Liz Neidhardt – Cressida Consulting

“The Scoop as a tool is constantly evolving and offering more value, and that is only bettered by their customer service delivery. Of all the decisions I have taken since starting Transaction Recruitment, engaging with The Scoop has to be of the best calls that I have made. Highly recommended!”

Danny Maddison – Transaction Recruitment

“To anyone who is running a recruitment business, get in touch with The Scoop!! When first seeing the platform, I wasn't sure but the platform is easily one of the best things I have to help boost my business. They have been there every step supporting and helping me set up and even now continues to get in touch when new features are added!! I couldn’t recommend The Scoop enough!”

Jason Duffy – Arthur Rose Recruitment

“The Scoop has been first class, very supportive and helpful. They made recommendations and together we managed to put together something that has been very helpful, looks really professional and has already given me lots of new applicants. I recommend The Scoop if you're looking to give your recruitment business the edge.”

Simon Tonks – ST Selection

“The Scoop has been doing wonders for my responses and I’m getting much better applications from the type of engineers we want to place and having the animations display when sharing links really captures people’s attention. Even when using The Scoop through LinkedIn messages, I’m getting much better responses back, whereas before people we’re receiving messages and just not responding.”

Harriet Janman – Renew Consultancy

“We’ve been working with The Scoop for a number of months now and they’ve been highly attentive in the customer success part of the journey but the application & product itself has been a real help for us separating ourselves from the other agencies in the market. It’s a great product, really easy to use and is a real asset to our outsource!”

Daniel Langley – Manufacturing IT Recruitment

“I’ve been working with The Scoop for about 12 months now and I’ve got to say, the product they have built has been fantastic. For us to be able to showcase Video testimonials, Video Job specifications, candidates of the week, podcasts all under one roof has been a massive advantage for us when approaching new people in the market! And the feedback we’ve received from candidates and clients as well increased response rates has been phenomenal! 100% would recommend!”

Gary Wills – Talent Today

“We have been using The Scoop for around 9 months now and it has clearly become a business critical piece of technology. Not only has it helped us boost our revenue as a growing business, but it has massively allowed us to lay a footprint on many different platforms, that we wouldn’t have been able to do without the tool. I couldn’t be more satisfied with it.”

Kerry Durnan-Fletcher – Systematic Recruitment

“I’ve been doing a lot in terms of brand, content and marketing for a number of years now but upon reviewing The Scoop it became pretty evident that it was a very useful tool to have to keep all our content in one place, and to have that all on one platform to be able to send people, is really useful for driving credibility, and in such a crowded marketplace, it’s allowed us to stand out from the crowd visually rather than just posting jobs like a lot of recruiters.”

Kyle Winterbottom – Orbition Group

  • Are the showcase pages for recruiters or agencies?
    Our showcase pages are built for recruiters, but employers are also able to build a parent page that showcases their companies’ internal careers.
  • What happens if my recruiters leave?
    Agencies own the recruiter showcase pages and have full visibility and control over their use. While investing in a recruiters brand improves retention, ramp time, and reaps the benefits of social selling, it also makes them advocates of the business.
  • How much time will it take to build a showcase page, and will my recruiters commit to that?
    As part of the onboarding, we help build these profiles for your business and then hand them over for you to have full control over. The Scoop’s technology auto-populates sales collateral with a few clicks and integrates seamlessly with social profiles, job boards, and LinkedIn to pull everything to where it needs to be. Agencies can also replicate showcase pages as templates for multiple recruiters and assign agency collateral to multiple-pages at a time.
  • How is this different from LinkedIn?
    The Scoop is not a substitute for LinkedIn, but a way to capture and amplify your efforts on the platform and elsewhere. It improves and customizes the way you market your recruiters and their business.
  • Does my website do this?
    Most recruiters tend not to drive traffic to their website in their initial approach, The Scoop’s Recruiter Pages is used as an outreach tool. But it does more than this; it is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and all your other platforms.
  • Will people steal my candidates?
    The Scoop intends to bring greater transparency to recruitment and the process but understands that anonymity is important and encrypts all links to candidate profiles in a secure way.
  • How long does a demo take and what is the set up time?
    In order to see the platform and how it all fits into a recruiter’s workflow, we advise 30 minutes for an initial demo. The creation of the showcase pages takes us around a week to build and then you’re ready to start using the platform.