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    • Company Size 10
    • Headquarters Manchester
    • Industry Agency Recruitment, Consulting
    • Sectors Data, Analytics, AI / Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data & Analytics
  • Orbition Group

    Orbition Group is one of the world's leading Data, Analytics & AI talent solutions partners and consultancy organisations, despite only being 2 years old. We've developed a stellar reputation and brand in the market and lead with a marketing first, relationship-driven, content approach.

    Our mission is simple: to build the global industry’s leading Data & Analytics talent brand.

    We work with some of the world’s biggest brands through to the most innovative start-ups, helping clients across Europe and the US to recruit and build exceptional teams to develop cutting-edge solutions to challenging business problems.

    All of our work is 100% retained and we operate at the mid-senior and leadership levels. 

    The way we operate is intentionally different and we've effectively productised recruitment to offer bespoke solutions to the individual and specific needs of the organisations we partner with, these include:


    • Key Hire Solution
    • Multi-Hire Campaigns
    • Talent as a Service
    • Capability as a Service
    • Statement of Work Consultancy 

    Effectively, we don't do anything in singles - you won't find us trying to find 1 person for an organisation, we become a strategic partner to our clients and build/scale entire teams, whether that's 6 people right now, or 40 people over 12 months.

    Put simply, we've created a model that sits uniquely between traditional executive search, management consultancy and embedded talent partner. 

    We work exclusively within the world of Data & Analytics and that pure focus allows us to do what we do, extremely well. Our success comes from our deep networks, long-lasting relationships and a brand reputation that is respected for being a business that truly understands the landscape.

    This coupled with the fact we immerse ourselves into the very fabric of the global Data & Analytics community across the UK, Europe and USA through our Driven by Data community which we've built over the last few years, which is comprised of:

    • Driven by Data: The Roundtable: a series of roundtable events that take part in various locations each quarter, and are attended by some of the most high-profile names in our industry 
    • Driven by Data: The Podcast: one of the worlds leading Data & Analytics Leadership podcasts with over 13,000 listeners in 115+ countries
    • Driven by Data: The Mentorship:  a FREE programme designed to develop, upskill and progress the next generation of Data & Analytics Leaders by pairing them with some of the most high-profile Data & Analytics thought-leaders on the planet.


    We're looking to grow to 30-40 people over the next couple of years to help sustain our growth across Europe and the USA.

    Here is why we think we're a compelling option:

    • Genuine growth/success story
    • Be part of the initial team that is responsible for scaling a global business
    • With that comes GENUINE equity/wealth creation opportunity
    • We're a genuine authority in the market we serve 
    • Working across UK, EU, US
    • 100% Retained; we're considered a genuine strategic and operational partner/advisor to our clients
    • 90% of our work comes inbound to us from businesses we've never worked with before
    • We think "bigger" around here - bigger scale, bigger roles, bigger fees
    • We do everything at scale; building entire teams/businesses
    • Working with some of the most exciting brands on the best projects
    • We provide innovative/disruptive talent solutions that solve genuine business problems
    • We're delivering true consultancy/SoW projects
    • We've got one of the best commission structures in the market
    • We've got one of the best technology platforms in the industry 
    • We're in a fantastic workspace in the middle of Manchester 
    • Flexible working
    • We've built our own training platform, as well as utilise some of the best external trainers out there
    •  We're at a very early stage of our growth - there's a genuine opportunity for growth, development and progression that you'll struggle to get elsewhere ????

    Go on.... get in touch! 


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