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Full Stack Developer

Ref #: Full Stack Developer
Jacob Ross Talent Solutions 16/07/2021
Location: Not Disclosed
Salary: £ Competitive £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Associate
Date: 16/07/2021
Full Stack Developer


  • Our system is a modular, monolithic system, using Flask as a backend framework.
  • Most HTML is server template generated, with custom jquery front-end code, so we are looking for someone to help us implement a full front end framework.

  • As we are looking to implement a front-end framework library: experience in this area is highly desirable.

  • There will be a split between front-end and back-end work, depending on what tasks they are performing. The role will be split between both areas.

  • Our CTO, Ben, is a self-taught, but highly skilled developer. As a result of this, we are looking for someone with a reasonably senior level of experience.


  • Strong Python (Flask/Django a big bonus)

  • Strong Javascript (jQuery)

  • SQL (we use SQLAlchemy)


• Front end library such as vue.js, React.js
• Desire to work with data analysis and number crunching • Database structure & optimisation skills
• Knowledge of AWS architecture


At Steplab, we’re on a mission to transform the lives of young people by giving their teachers simple, effective and powerful tools to systematically improve. Our online platforms bring this goal one step closer by helping teachers power lasting and sustained improvement. We are intelligent, driven by our mission, team-focused and excited about stepping out of the virtual world into the real world to collaborate with and learn from the teachers we serve. We want to tackle thorny challenges

and get stuck in to make great things happen. Our start-up culture means we listen carefully, learn fast and innovate hard. If making a positive dent in the world is what gets you out of bed in the morning, then we want to hear from you.

Our future

Josh Goodrich founded Steplab to solve a very tangible problem. While working as Assistant Headteacher at a school in London, he was constantly frustrated by the lack of tools available to support the development of his teachers. Josh began to tackle the problem one piece at a time, testing and refining
a solution with his and other schools. Shortly after, Ben Abelman joined the team, and began to help

Josh use software to supercharge his approach. Already, Steplab works with some of the largest teacher development organisations in the UK and schools around the world. And things are only just getting started.

Why join?

At Steplab, our priority is creating powerful tools for teachers. But we also care about doing this with integrity, pushing ourselves to continually learn, and having a laugh along the way. We are a small, high-performing team who care about our mission and work flexibly to achieve it in ways that ensure we also get to live our best lives. We're after more than just a coder. We need someone who will come in on this project with us,
who will help us take it to the next level, who will add value to our lives. If that person could be you, then let's talk.


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