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Own your recruitment business

Ref #: JC3
Location: London Not Disclosed London W1B 5DF
Salary: TBC £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Mid/Senior Level
Recruiter: (View Company)
Date: 06/09/2019
Own your recruitment business

Our Roles

  1. Investment: We can provide the capital you require to get your business off the ground
  2. Back office support: From accounting to legal help, we can offer all the resources you need to be successful
  3. Business advice and direction: Collectively as directors, we have 50+ years experience in the recruitment industry.
  4. Network development: Workingwith us enables you to have the access to all of our clients, contacts and relationships we’ve built.
  5. Share the success of all ourpartner ventures through our internal lead referral program

Your Skills & Experiences

  • 5+ Years experience working in recruitment
  • Risk taker: Being able to identify an opportunity and being able to take that chance to achieve success
  • You need to be collaborative: This means you need to be able to work openly with us
  • Compelling business plan
  • Leadership: Experience in directing and driving a team forward
  • Aspirational: Have great business ambition and clear direction
  • Self motivated

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You’ll still be running your own business, but you’ll also have an excellent opportunity to access a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have been through the start-up process before. 11 Investments is committed to your success, meaning you will gain access to all of our extensive contacts, major corporate clients, talented business advisers, and a growing pool of referral work.


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