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Recruitment Consultant

Ref #: ScoopCon
Third Republic 29/07/2020
Location: London Not Disclosed London EC2A 4PF
Salary: £20,000 - £30,000 £
OTE: £40,000 - £100,000
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Associate
Specialisms: 360 Technology Recruitment
Date: 29/07/2020
Recruitment Consultant

Who fits this role?

Digital Transformation is at the core of what we do. It’s not only having a big impact on our customers, it’s having a huge impact on the recruitment industry. If you recognise that the recruitment industry needs to change and feel that you want to work for a forward-thinking agency that is moving with the times, then you should come and talk to us.   
Third Republic really fits people:

  • That feel they are working for an agency that is becoming out of date  
  • Who want to develop modern recruitment techniques but aren’t getting them in their current agency  
  • Who love recruitment but are not proud of how the industry operates today  
  • That like the idea of developing marketing, creative writing skills, and like tech  
  • Who enjoy the business development and sales side of 360 recruitment and love networking  
  • That are financially motivated and want to maximise their earnings  
  • Who care about their personal brand and want to become famous in their markets  


What could this role offer me?  

Most agencies in the UK and US are now clones of each other, replicating the same outdated recruitment methods and working cultures that were designed for an era that existing 10 years ago.  
Third Republic is embracing the shift to the digital era; developing forward thinking sales strategies and delivery methodologies fit for the modern digital world.  As a result, you will gain exposure to forward thinking recruitment methodologies that we believe will give you:    

  • Improved job satisfaction: If you are a driven recruitment Consultant looking to work in a forwardthinking environment in line with current market trends, you will enjoy Third Republic life. If you want a modern working environment that encourages flexible working and trust, you will be given the autonomy to work from home, the office or in the field. It isn’t about the hours that you work or KPIs, it’s simply about results.   The working environment of most agencies in the UK is based around extrinsic motivation.  The goal for Third Republic is to cultivate a working environment based around intrinsic motivation, where people feel they are working for themselves to achieve their own personal goals, and not the goals of their line manager.  
  • You’ll earn more: Unlike many recruitment agencies, we have a clear USP which will make engaging and selling to potential clients a lot easier. Our sales methodology is based around Insight Selling, not SPIN. Our delivery methodologies are based around forward thinking practices, so your fill rates will be higher. On top of this, we are investing in the very latest recruitment technology apps & tools to enable you to become more productive. Over 10% of our profits are being invested into Inbound & Outbound marketing to help drive new leads directly to you. We have a game-changing RPO team based in Morocco employing 70 people whose only job is to get mobile numbers for clients you want to pitch and candidates you want to head hunt. The bottom line is that Third Republic is committed to building a platform to help drive elite billing.  
  • You will sell software, not just recruitment services:  We have co-invested in building a world class direct hiring platform called This changes our service proposition and launches our agency straight into the digital age. This will improve your ability to maximise your earnings from your active candidates as clients will be able to source and engage them directly whilst you watch and oversee progress. This creates more revenue streams and further helps to differentiate yourself from other mainstream recruiters. We expect our platform to significantly boost your earnings over time.
  • Finally, you’ll be treated like an adult: We have a unique approach to leadership which means that unlike most old school agencies, we’re not going to set you meaningless KPI’s (or in fact any at all), question what you’re doing or where you are, because our ethos is centred around trust and we trust everyone that we hire by default. Everything we do is based around developing your intrinsic motivation.

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